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The Hamlet of Marie Antoinette

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A Hamlet with a capital H, the village created for Queen Marie Antoinette has regained its former glory with the help of the Maison Dior and Bernard Arnault. After three years of renovation work, it's a bucolic jewel once more. Marie Antoinette wanted, and got, her own rural retreat where she could escape from the crowds of Versailles. Rediscover this historic place in 2018, it's certain to be one of the highlights of your visit.


Hamlet of Marie Antoinette


Farmers wives may dream of living like queens but, in the case of Marie Antionette, a queen longed to try the simple life. An early ecologist, Marie Antionette was something of a green queen Bobo, albeit one with a lingering taste for luxury. Now, her "Petit Château-ferme", a farmhouse castle comprised of 7 small buildings has been completely refurbished. Gold leaf gleams, the taffeta shimmers and rare objects and pieces of furniture await their Queen once more. An enchanting new outing that takes you right to the heart of the world of Marie Chantal, the girl who finally had it all as Marie Antoinette.

Palace of Versailles - 40 minutes from the Petit Madeleine Hotel by RER.

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