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Little moment apart, at the heart of the most luxury quarter in Paris .....

Like a tiny private mansion, le Petit Madeleine kept preciously  the standards of the little Parisian Hotel in a new  and original composition of past and present 
It offers 23 rooms all  unique and differently  decorated

For a night or more, experience the cosiness of being hosted like in a friends’ house. Le Petit Madeleine will put the utmost attention to your wellbeing : destination... your happiness.

 Become a Parisian for a short stay at Le Petit Madeleine  and discover the city of lights and romance 


Because our rooms whisper to you a different story every night...


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Impressionists in London; French Artists in Exile, 1870 to 1904

Impressionists in London; French Artists in Exile, 1870 to 1904

The unstable political climate in France at the end of the 19th century prompted many artists, some of whom would gain fame as the French Impressionists, to seek a safe haven in London.

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The Sainte Chapelle

The Sainte Chapelle

Shelter from the summer sun in the cool majesty of the Sainte Chapelle and be enchanted by the beauty of the 15 stained glass windows telling the story of the world from its creation to the arrival in Paris of the relics of the Passion acquired by King Louis IX, commonly known as Saint Louis. This soaring place of worship was built in 1239 to house the Crown of Thorns and other holy relics as Saint Louis did not want them scattered.

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Café : The Jardin du Petit Palais

Café : The Jardin du Petit Palais

In the heart of the Petit Palais is an enclosed garden offering a delightful surprise to visitors. This haven of peace and freshness, where the sparrows of Paris flit around majestic colonnades and basins adorned with mosaics, is a reminder of the hidden charms of our beautiful capital.

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