Paris est une fête

Paris est une fête

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, the experience will never leave you. “Paris est une fête”… These words borrowed from Hemingway perfectly remind us of the city’s divine temptations, its artists and writers, the Parisian spirit that is found in a text by Sacha Guitry or a sketch by Kiraz. Finally, as Alexandre Dumas said, “God invented Parisians so that foreigners wouldn’t understand the French”!

Today this is still the case and the past and present still collide. The paths taken by those who have gone “before” are accessible to you today. Jo, our reporter at the Petit Madeleine throws some light on what might enchant you and what could become your personal whirlwind of happy Parisian memories.

Taste “honey from the hives in our gardens” on the roofs of Paris:  5 beehives can be found on the rooftops of the Opera Garnier, just a 5-minute walk from the hotel….. let everyone put their finger in the pot! While we don’t recommend that you interpret that literally, you can in fact buy this wonderful honey from the Boutique at the Opera as well as at the Tour d’Argent and a few other addresses, which you can ask us about….

Check the voluptuous paintings of Miss. Tic; this prominent street artist has made the capital’s streets into her own beautiful gallery. She paints with stencils and her graffiti is often captioned with phrases that speak of our life and times.  Her signature one line poems and slogans on the “farce” of reality are loaded and often misspelled intentionally to convey alternative meanings. To discover her work, take a walk around the Butte aux Cailles neighbourhood among children playing in the street. Delve into the past at “Merle Moqueur”, renowned for its ti-punch, 80s music and laid back atmosphere before ending your outing at “Bouche à Oreille”, a wine bar that is appreciated by locals and visitors… One advice : get back in a cab !!!

"Dive" into an adventure on the most beautiful avenue in the world: The Seine. Board the legendary Riva boat and let yourself be captivated by the romantic and historical heart of Paris. This is where the myth becomes reality; Paris is a party! 

Finally explore the secret alcoves of our beautiful Parisian theatres. You’ll be transported to bygone time at Theatre Edouard VII, just 5 minutes from the hotel. Snatch a fleeting kiss with your partner before the curtain rises and let yourself be carried away by the words of the master, masterfully portrayed by Pierre Arditi in “The Lie”. Or, on the same theme, enjoy a play at the Antoine Theatre with the iconic and brilliant Catherine Frot, who just won the Cesar of Best Actress : icing on the cake !

And so, Jo said, "this is Paris" ... and who could blame us for adding 3 letters to Paris to transform it into Paradise?



More informations :

Opéra Garnier 
8 Rue Scribe
75009 Paris

Butte aux Cailles
Quartier historique du 13ème arrondissement

Le Merle Moqueur
11 Rue de la Butte aux Cailles
75013 Paris

Le Bouche à Oreilles
10 Place Paul Verlaine
75013 Paris

Théâtre Edouard VII
10 Édouard VII Square
75009 Paris

Théâtre Antoine
14 Boulevard de Strasbourg
75010 Paris


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